Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So you wanna be a Dr. Sketchy's model?

Got a trick or talent you just have to share?

Enjoy parading round in your underwear?

Do you have an insane costume that needs airing?

Burlesque artist, fetish model, little person, strong man or woman, contortionist, drag queen or any other fabulous deviation from the norm - we want to hear from you.

At Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School, we are fortunate enough that we have many beautiful people clamouring to model for us. And indeed, why shouldn't they? Modelling and performing for Dr Sketchy's is a lot of fun, offers a fantastic platform for raising your profile and is very different from most modelling gigs about the town. It's also paid. We adore our models and enjoy promoting them in further work, in Christchurch and further afield.

However, we do require dedication, passion and skill from our models. As this is a life drawing AND burlesque event, our models usually double as performers. They choreograph two performances, supply their own music as well as outlandish and stunning costumes and makeup. They meet with the Sketchy girls on several occasions before the event to plot, plan and bond (usually over some form of tipple). Life modelling and/or performance experience is preferred.

If you are interested in modelling for Dr Sketchy's, please email us with:

  • your name (and stage name)
  • contact details
  • any modelling/performing experience you have
  • details of your talents and what you can do
  • what you can offer props/costumes/equipment
  • some photos or video of past performances/modelling
  • and, of course, a little about yourself and your interests.

Photo copyright Dr. Sketchy, NYC

Find out more about Dr. Sketchy's here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gorey, Gruesome & Gorgeous

WARNING: The evidence of this night of blood-soaked burlesque and life drawing is not for the faint of heart. The images are graphic, so proceed with caution... and excitement!

October - what month could be more apt for a gore theme. The Christchurch Sketchy Girls embraced their dark demented side and got their gore on, a perfect start to Halloween weekend. Goodbye Blue Monday was once again host to a full house of eager art monkeys for our fifth session.

Our models this month were a gruesome twosome – the wonderful Gracie Hart (who previously starred in July's retro sci-fi night), and our very own headmistress Tawdry Trainwreck.

Deputy Reckless ensured the booze was flowing, mostly down her own throat, to loosen up any art monkeys with inhibitions about what was in store. We had warned everyone this night was not for the faint of heart!

MC Hells Belle was our hostess for this eve. She wore her heart on her bosom, literally.
The atmosphere was more mysterious and intimate than ever - in our secret lab the walls were lined with plastic and the windows were all blocked, ensuring prying eyes did not catch a glimpse of this insanity!

Tawdry embraced her mad scientist role as she brought her creation to life. Both adoringly and maniacally, sniffing the embalming fluid and snipping away bandages. She even had a mid-operation snack on some juicy gummy guts.

Gracie Hart.

We even had boylesque… of sorts. Skindependent joined us for a very special performance. Eden pierced his own neck in the back room, before carrying out a live on-stage throat piercing.

The boys then posed tied together with tension ropes. This was definitely not for the squeamish. Some people had to walk away, while others moved closer for gorey perving pleasure.

Our girls were pleased with their catches of the night.

In their second performance things got messy. Gracie Hart starting to tear off her bandages.

And then Tawdry got involved … and so did some blood.

The performance was breathtaking and our girls were left bloody gorgeous after a saucy make-out session.

In true gore style a chainsaw was there to rev up the evening and provide a spectacular final pose of the night.

Tawdry Trainwreck loved her mad scientist tools. We loved her awesome mangled boobs - torn apart by the make up artist at Blood Soaked Candy.

Please view our albums on and Facebook to see the uncensored evidence of this, our most raunchy and depraved session yet.

Thanks to Paige Turner for the Photos. Cecil Macabre for writing a review and filming the performances (video coming shortly). Blood Soaked Candy for amazing makeup. Skindependent for getting involved on-stage with a hot piercing and suspension performance.
And of course to our sponsors who let us get away with this madness - Absolution Tattoo and Piercing, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Bites and Pieces

Phew… what an epic halloween!

Just got a few wee bites to share with you all…

We hosted a truly wild session with our Gore night on Thursday. Check out what local blogger Cecil Macabre had to say about our session:

One of our stars was the beautiful Gracie Hart. She's now got a fanpage on facebook. Go on, become a fan and show her some love:

The Flying Burrito Brothers are always hooking us up for great prizes for our art monkeys. They're opening for lunches from Thursday. Daytime margaritas? Don't mind if we do!

We're busy writing blogs and uploading photos of our last session – we'll share all the gorey details soon.