Saturday, April 28, 2012


Crims, felons and crooks. Your recent crimes have earned you time behind bars, and behind sketchpads, at our night of drinking and drawing.

Our starring convict is bad girl Jesika Rabid. This jailhouse jezebel has a guilty look in her eyes and killer curves. Oh yes, she's definitely gonna steal your heart.

Wicked warden Rosie Reckless will keep a look out for trouble makers. Some of you scumbags may receive additional punishments… or perhaps just prizes.

Costumes encouraged! Mugshots for everyone!

Our sponsors have been found guilty of being awesome. Absolution, Madam Butterfly’s Vintage Style Boutique and international Dr. Sketchy's sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.

R18. Strictly no entry prior to 6.30pm, First pose at 7.30pm. Be early for the best seats!

Canterbury Bowling Club - 109 Salisbury Street, with entry via Gracefield Ave.
BYO drawing materials and sketchpads.

Tickets $13 plus booking fee. Available online via Cosmic Ticketing and in-store at Cosmic in Cashel Mall.

We would like to advise there is no photography at this event.
Capture our models with drawing only.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Tumble in the Hay

Our farm fresh session was a night of wholesome whistle-wetting, sketching and farm themed shenanigans. We mussed up the bowling club and hauled in some hay bales to make it a bit more itchy and authentic. The udderly gorgeous Sass Spenders had her sketchy debut, and was a mistress of the tease - transforming from footrot flat diva to devine bovine and coquettish chicken as the night progressed.

 There was plenty of horsing about to be had on the night!  


Rosie Reckless rounded up the audience and kept us (mis)behaving

Sass staked her claim to the Sketchy stage and ruled the roost!

Our Prize chicken may not have laid golden egss, but there were plenty of awesome prizes from our sponsors as well as a few sweet treats for our hard-sketching art monkeys.

A ditty about A-cups through to double D's kept us giggling and hanging on Sass's every word for the first performance. The sketchy girls have had "You; You gotta have boobs" and other golden lines stuck in their heads ever since!

Fork yeah! We dig Sass!

 Hot Chicks galore!

Paige Turner proved that she's a vixen in shepherdess' clothing.

Sass may be a black sheep; but she's a welcome addition to our frisky flock!

We love our hen's free range and fabulous!

Sass got to take home a few prize drawings from our wonderous art monkeys; many of whom mucked in and donned country attire for the night.

It was a pleasure to welcome another lovely local performer to our stage. We hope to see much more of Sass in the future!

Our sponsors are flocking awesome: Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madam Butterfly’s Vintage Style Boutique and international Dr. Sketchy's sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.