Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Primordial Perving

For August's session, Dr. Arthur Wainwright and our own headmistress, Tawdry Trainwreck, took to the stage to unravel the gooey beginnings of our world and hatch a new theory of (d)evolution.

 Rosie Reckless was on hand, ready to order our art monkeys to DRAWWR! when the time arose.

 MC Hells Belle narrated the first half of the night from Dr. Wainwright's absurd thesis.

From tepid primordial soup, Dr. Wainwright emerged as Step One on the evolutionary scale: a bright eyed and yellow clad bacterium.

"..With nothing but primordial soup to eat and a three and a half billion year wait before any other creatures showed up on the  scene, bacteria were plagued by boredom."

Tawdry strutted her stuff as a sadistic clean-freak Ammonoid; the shelled level-up from bacteria.

"Ammonoids used up vast quantities of common household disinfectants, such as Dettol and spray and wipe;
literally wiping the bacteria off the face of the planet!"

High, dry and mighty; the Amphibian tended towards the smug side...

"Breaking free from its cytoplasmic membrane, the amphibian emerged from the miasmatic marsh
...and no longer had to be
perpetually soggy like its inferior and utterly aquatic cousin, the Ammonoid."

DRRRRAAWWWRRRRRRR! Tawdrisaurus-rex tottered back onto stage to terrorise and titilate.

"Unfortunately for the Amphibians; their Utopian paradise came to an abrupt and violent conclusion
when evolution brought forth the beast most savage and formidable of all. The Dinosaur!!!"

Warm, furry and loudly bleating Mammals came to the fore; putting an end to the monstrous tyranny of the Tawdrisaurus.

"Although powerful and fierce they were; dinosaurs had a fundamental flaw which would ultimately result in their extinction. Dinosaurs were clumsy and inherently uncoordinated... Mammals came on the scene in the form of the feral goat and..Although being much smaller and more benign than the formidable Dinosaur, when attacked they could quickly topple the clumsy beasts... due to their lack of coordination and stumpy arms." 

Arthur found himself somewhat peckish mid-pose.

Our model's antics were sketched into Art Monkey evolutionary history.

Tawdry: proving that the evolution of good manners happens over several aeons.
Arthur: demonstrating instinctual style and suaveness. 

 Primal expressions of interest from Tawdry Trainwreck as she discovers Arthur during her performance.

Arthur takes pose, I mean, pause to think about how far he has come in the world.

For our final pose, the audience suggested a well known Bloodhound Gang song. We suspect Tawdry watches a different channel...

This month we welcomed on board a new local sponsor, Gordon Harris Art Supplies! They came along to share a sketch and a tipple with us and even won the best dressed prize! We think they'll fit in nicely.

Our sponsors rock! Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique and Baby Tattoo Books.