Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dolly Day


Good Golly, are you Miss Dolly?

Little Miss Cinnamon stole the show at our first session for 2014. While we primped and primed, the Third Door Down was filled with more pink than you could shake your chest at. And more chest than you could shake your head at. 

First time on the Sketchy’s stage, and our performer hit all the right notes. There was no impersonation here - we had a real diva on our hands. Our audience were left swooning and crooning and begging for more Dolly. Luckily, there was enough to go around. 


Dolly introduces  her scrumptious legs and our special sponsor for the night - Love Your Condom. 


Our audience was set for a day at Dollywood.


And we had a chest heavy embellishment challenge to show us who was endowed with enthusiasm.


We’re fans of your work too, Dolly!



Our second performer - some called her Tawdry, others Jolene.


But it was Little Miss Cinnamon who rewrote ‘The Day I Fell in Love’


Though other Dolly Dames Dazzled too.


Throughout the night, our Sketchy girls had an important message to share.


And so did Dolly.


We took that to mean: save a horse, ride a Tawdry.

Our sponsors deserve their own song. Thanks to Love Your Condom, Absolution Pierce and Tattoo, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies, C1 Espresso and international sketchy sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.


All up, we were left dreaming about Dolly for days to come.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Brief Introduction...

Rosie and Tawdry are thrilled to welcome aboard our newest Sketchy crew member;
resident bibliophile and derby badass - Brigitte de Brief!

A familiar face and sketchy star from way back. Whether she's drinking, drawing, wrestling or writing, Brigitte de Brief has always shown us a good time.

 A face for all occasions, from sweet and classic to down and drrty!

You may remember Brigitte from such swoon-fests as her Sketchy's debut in Bibliophily....

Brigitte mixed writing with writhing like no other!

Brigitte also brought the pain as The Undie-Taker in our Wrestlemania session.

Gearing up with our wild MC, Randy Rosie Reckless.


Tawdry and Brigitte were pitted against eachother in the jelly ring. Tawdry's wily ways were no match for Brigitte's derby training!

We're looking forward to letting those good times get even better with her as official word-smith and general rabble rouser!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Great Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest

Good Golly, are you Miss Dolly?

Rack up points in the ‘2014 Great Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest’ with your Nashville twang. We all know blondes have more fun, so Dr Sketchy’s is giving you the chance to don your own Dolly-Do. Wearing more rhinestones than you can shake your chest at, Little Miss Cinnamon will be defending her 2013 encrusted crown with a dose of crooning and swooning. So drag on a dress for a night in Dollywood!

This is a life drawing class like no other. Drinking, drawing and drawling.

Love Your Condom join us as a special guest sponsor for this event. Like LYC on Facebook:

To our official sponsors: Absolution Pierce and Tattoo, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies, C1 Espresso and international sketchy sponsor Baby Tattoo Books, you know we’ll always love you.

Remember, tickets to this event are limited, so take one because you can. Just $18 plus booking fee, available at Cosmic stores (Re:Start Mall or The Palms) and online from Cosmic Ticketing. No door sales.

R18. Doors open 6.30pm, First pose at 7.30pm. Be early for the best seats!
Third Door Down, Unit 7, Lincoln Lane, Addington, Christchurch.
Bring your own drawing materials.