Friday, February 28, 2014

A Brief Introduction...

Rosie and Tawdry are thrilled to welcome aboard our newest Sketchy crew member;
resident bibliophile and derby badass - Brigitte de Brief!

A familiar face and sketchy star from way back. Whether she's drinking, drawing, wrestling or writing, Brigitte de Brief has always shown us a good time.

 A face for all occasions, from sweet and classic to down and drrty!

You may remember Brigitte from such swoon-fests as her Sketchy's debut in Bibliophily....

Brigitte mixed writing with writhing like no other!

Brigitte also brought the pain as The Undie-Taker in our Wrestlemania session.

Gearing up with our wild MC, Randy Rosie Reckless.


Tawdry and Brigitte were pitted against eachother in the jelly ring. Tawdry's wily ways were no match for Brigitte's derby training!

We're looking forward to letting those good times get even better with her as official word-smith and general rabble rouser!

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