Friday, August 10, 2012

Paperback Writher

Our literary themed session was a best seller, with art monkeys and literary buffs alike clamouring to see Brigitte de Brief take up the mantle of Sketchy muse. It was a night of prose, pose and pervalicious poetry that is definitely one for the books!

Brigitte de Brief, in whiskey-swigging-author-attire, had us hooked from the word go! We couldn't wait for her story to undress.. I mean, unfold.

For her first performance, Brigitte channeled every creative person who's taken to consulting the spirits after doing battle with a typewriter...

Whiskey, words and sayng no to pants - she's definitely one of us!

Birgitte sauntered between elegant sophisticate and paper-back writher so smoothly!

You can't spell literature without T&A!

Kimberly Holmes - our performance poet of choice - provided us with some lewd and lasvicious verse after the break. Her ode to the breakfast of champions left even Tawdry blushing!

Our haiku competition was a hit! There was a haiku lamenting the loss of 70's porno, a haiku re-incarnated as a non-conformist limmerick and seventeen syllables dedicated to Tawdry's... assets...

The winning haiku was written by Lily:

Swollen and sunken
Deep in the dark typewriter
Tap moan tap tap moan

With a special runner-up prize to Julia:

Little Bitty Briefs
Falling down around her feet
Oh naughty Tawdry.

 Rosie Reckless calls upon our best dressed nominees. There were a pair of Sifty Shades of Grey(power), a very bookish boy in tweed, a very minxy Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and a witchy-poo muse to Edgar Allen Poe.Our art monkeys - so cultured!

Plato made a cameo; though it must have been hard to philosophise while book-ended by such bawdy beauties!

All pages turned to cooling-fans after Brigitte's second performance left us swooning!

 A masterpiece from all angles

No literary theme is complete without some Shakespearian drama. A pose to die for.

Books, boobs and burlesque! Poetry, prose and poses! All in all an alliteration saturated evening that left us wanting another dose of Brigitte - bring on the next chapter!

Many thanks to our ever awesome sponsors (get on down and bookmark their webpages!): Absolution Pierce and Tattoo, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies and our international sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.

We'll leave you with one last treat - a haiku by the Amy:

Spread your pages wide
So we can appreciate
your sweet tender prose