Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bath Timefun!

We had a wicked time with the talented and oh so squeaky clean Willow Noir at our bathtime themed session. 

Our memories are all a little hazy after that night, so here is a ditty in honour of her titty!

B is for Balloons, bath tubs and bums

P is for pink, perfect and popping!

D is for duckys; the best bathtime chums

More B for Bubbles, booty and blowing

 L is for loofah, an exfolient device


W is for Willow, wonderful and wanton

N is for Noir, naughty and nice


T is for Tawdry, 'ole clayface in curlers

V is for venus, vaginas and va-va-voom!

S is for shower, sparkles and shimmy

B is for burlesque, boobies and BOOM!

G is for glitter: one pint-full up-ended!

W is for wet - more drenched than intended.

T is for towel; a modesty saviour

Tis also for tipple, an inhibition disabler

G is for gin, good time gals and glitter

V is for vibrate, velocity and va-geee!

R is for Rosie, Reckless and rampant!

N is for naked, nude and nipple-power!

C is for censorship, c#nt and caps for the shower

S is for sketchy girls, soaked silly and sublime!

 Special thanks to The Greenhorn Company and Third Door Down for being our hosts this time around. Also to our fresh 'n clean sponsors: Absolution Pierce and Tattoo, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies and international sketchy sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.