Sunday, December 18, 2011

Simmering Summer Debut

For us antipodeans; December is a month held dear for reasons far beyond gift exchanging, tinsel and Christmas trees. It heralds our long awaited summer! Hemlines rise, flesh is bared (sans-goosebumps) and beer becomes even MORE palatable.
To usher in the new season (and lead by exmaple) Honey Van Hooch shon on our stage. She was a luscious, langorous and golden muse for our art monkeys to sketch rhapsodically. With a tipsy nod to some particular artistic forebears, Honey sashayed in summer with a bohemian feel - all curves, swish and style.

Tawdry, turban askew, maintained the essential levels of libertinism...

Honey Van Hooch's burlesque debut was a knock-out *swoon!*

Sultry and flirtatious, Honey serenaded us with her rendition of Kiss Me.

Laid back... we just need some gin and juice. Or is it absinthe and chianti?

Paige turner - paparrazzi and prize-picture-picker! The winner was a lucky recipitent of a Baby Tattoo book! Rosie Reckless played relatively-respeonsible and hosted the nights proceedings - hostess with the most-ess!

Our summer lovin' group pose. No bohemian event is complete without a little saucy sift-sharing, surely?

Tawdry wraps her tongue around suggestive syllables in an attempt to procure some Hoochy. Honey is titillated, but not so easily persuaded.

For her second performance, Honey removed some layers - elevating the temperature of the room to hot hot hot!

Honey Van Hooch - what a debut!

Honey can be our golden girl, anytime!

Too Much(a) art geekery?

With assets like these, why would one ever wear clothes?!
 Our final session of the year finished us us all well warmed up and gasping for more Hoochy hawtness. Stay tuned to see more of this bombshell in the future!
We'll be taking a break over the silly season; but the crew will be back and rearing to go with more sketchy shenanigans for 2012. The Sketchy girls of Christchurch would like to extend an enormous thankyou to our art monkeys for dressing up, showing up, supporting us and our array of  beautiful performers and being generally awesome. You've helped justify Tawdry's ridiculous costume collection, Rosie's deviant design work  and Paige's predilection for photographs of gorgeous bottoms for yet another year!

We'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors for keeping us rolling in brilliant prizes:

Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing:  for delicious ink and shiny sharp things to adorn ourselves with.
Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique: keep us and our art monkeys sassy and sexy in gorgeous vintage clothing.
Gordon Harris Art Supplies: ensure we keep on sketching in multudinous mediums (not just perving).
And last but certainly not least - our international sponsor: Baby Tattoo Books, who supply us with stunning publications that need to be pried out of our grabby hands at each event.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bohemian Summer

Book a seat on this flight of fancy, and experience first class life drawing in Bohemian style. Drinking, drawing and daydreaming will be on the palette this summer eve'.
The statuesque Honey Van Hooch will tempt and enchant you, sharing her considerable talents for your sketching pleasure.
Imagine you are spending a summer creating art at the grand, but charming, estate of a dear, dear friend. Your days are spent painting, drawing and lounging under trees, and drunken nights are spent playing scandalous parlour games. Dress as the eccentric artiste that we know is inside you.
Your luggage should contain all the drawing supplies you will need when your creative juices flow like cool cider. We very much look forward to wandering through this night of whimsy with you.
We are positively giddy about being hosted by the Canterbury Bowling Club, and could not be more delighted to be held in esteem by our beloved sponsors: Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Absolution, Gordon Harris and Baby Tattoo.

Kiss kiss.
Thursday 15 December 2011. Strictly no entry prior to 6.30pm. First pose at 7.30pm. R18.
Canterbury Bowling Club - 109 Salisbury Street, with entry via Gracefield Ave.
BYO drawing materials and sketchpads. 
We would like to advise there is no photography at this event. Document our models with drawing only.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween spectacular with Ruby Ruin

October is one of our favourite times of the year - when the sun starts to shine and all the skeletons come dancing out of the closet for halloween hijinks. We welcomed back to our stage the wonderful Ruby Ruin our for Dia De Los Muertos themed sketching session. The stage was set with swathes of flowers - not just crepe ones! Set against a riot of colour and lights, an enshrined Ruby held sway over our art monkeys as they sketched her avidly.

Tawdry and Rosie were on the door - guiding our (misguided) art monkeys into the depths of drawing depravity once again!

Rosie Reckless was on hand to ensure monkey business ran jauntily.

MC Hells Belle was at the helm, ensuring there was plenty of pun and games to be had while Tawdry and Rosie kept up their tequila tolerance.

Our gore-geous model Ruby Ruin. she first graced our stage with her debut burlesque performance at our Punk Set session last year. We welcomed her back with muchos enthusiasm.

Ruby has become quite the local burlesque and tattoo icon. For more information and updates of her modelling, tattoo suit progress and general adventures - visit her website at or find her on facebook.

A bit of gender-bending and (indecent) proposals made Tawdry's night

Ruby's first performance had us all reaching for a cooling refreshment! Here's to drinking, drawing, death and dames!

Ruby Ruin: hotter than a jalapeno and thrice as nice, as she can-cans across the stage.

This session, we held our first colouring in competition! The prize was the stunning original poster illustration by local artist, Shannon Williamson.

"Alas poor pedro"

For her second performance, Ruby captivated us with a fan dance.

Our best dressed was a tough decision this month, with a human sized taco (taco grande!) competing with delicately paint-faced ghouls and boys, all mesmerized by Ruby's risque poses.

Ruby Ruin, spoiling us with her presence and performances!

All in all it was a theatrical, boozy and wonderful night for all. For more documentation by our ever-present and fabulous paparazzi Paige Turner, stalk us on facebook

As usual, without the support of our amazing sponsors, we'd be pretty deadbeat. A hearty thanks to Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies and Baby Tattoo Books.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Absolution: Pierce, Tattoo, Other...

We thought it was high time we shared the love that we have for one of our sponsors in particular who have helped us out and humoured Tawdry since the inception of Dr. Sketchy's Chch. 

Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing spoil our art monkeys with a voucher toward permanent inky joy or delicious body modification every sketchy session. Absolution has become somewhat of an tattoo and body mod institution in Christchurch over the years; their bright and inviting space offering a wide range of services with impeccable hygiene standards. Formerly based on Manchester St, in 'post-quake-noveau-Chch' the shop has relocated to Nancy Ave in Mairehau.

 The new haunt of the Nancy Boys (and Fi)

45 Nancy Ave, in case you get lost.

Dead Set: Dead Sexy Threads

Sharing the new location is the boutique clothing store Dead Set. Make sure to browse through the sweet threads while awaiting/organising your delicious pain session!

If it's an inking you're after; this is the place to go for well thought out, professional work - you won't find naff, over-thumbed books of clip-art-esque tattoos here!  Naith and Fiona are on hand to design and lovingly incise custom tattoos into your skin - accompanied by good humoured and/or witty banter. 

 Naith hard at work making someone permanently more beautiful and art-filled.

Hours and hours of Fiona's work adorns our own paparazzi spectacular - Paige Turner.

The studio also caters to all your usual (and unusual) piercing needs. With a list of body modifications that some might need a physiological dictionary for and an even more riveting list of 'other' options - from scarification and branding to sub dermal implants. Absolution is home to Skindependent; a human body suspension group that have been hosting suspensions, performing and otherwise educating Christchurch to the practice for a few years.

 Eden and James from Skindependent performed and modelled at our Gorelesque Dr. Sketchy's last year. 

 This year, Tawdry went up on hooks and came down after swinging around exuberantly, happily recommending getting hooked to anyone that will listen.

Absolution also periodically hosts guest artists from around the globe - look out especially for Howie's return and all the implanty, cartilage-y adventures he's sure to wreak upon those willing...

If you're interested in finding out more about our spunkiest sponsors, check out their website, find them on facebook or, if you're local, pop into the shop and say hello!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

El Dia De Los Muertos

Poster illustration by Shannon Williamson.

Hola amigos,

Get ready for a life drawing class like no other – drinking, drawing and dames. This session we're paying tribute to the ancient mexican celebration known as dia de los muertos, or day of the dead.

Our starring model, Ruby Ruin, is hotter than jalapenos! She'll illuminate the stage, and our souls, at the altar de muertos. It's bound to be a memorial occasion.

Bring your own drawing equipment, and feel free to dress up for this fiesta.

Our sponsors are muy buena onda! Absolution, Gordon Harris, Madam Butterfly’s Vintage Style Boutique and international Dr. Sketchy's sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.

R18. Strictly no entry prior to 6.30pm, First pose at 7.30pm.
Canterbury Bowling Club - 109 Salisbury Street, with entry via Gracefield Ave.
BYO drawing materials and sketchpads.
Tickets $13 plus booking fee, available online via Cosmic Ticketing, with limited in-store tickets available from Cosmic Corner at The Palms.

We would like to advise there is no photography at this event.
Document our models with drawing only.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sports: Illustrated

For September we couldn't help but succumb to the Rugby World Cup fever pervading our antipodean nation. The bats, balls and boxes were out in force for our sports themed session starring Henry Flower - the stamen with stamina!

MC Hells Belle kept us all in line with a whistle round her neck and red cards at the ready. Our art monkeys came dressed in scrum-ptious sporting attire - from a kick boxing femme fatale to a sweetheart cheerleader and a Hufflepuff quiddich player; while our paparazzi Paige Turner moonlighted as Penis Williams.

Warm up sketches ensured no strains or sprains as Henry flexed into fine form for our audience.

The first performance certainly warmed us up! With a bend and flourish it was off with the track pants and on with the show!

Hardly hokey; this champion model was worth his weight in gold.

For our embellishment competition, we asked our art monkeys to add a tabloid title to a pose...
but Mr Flower had a posy of fans determinedly going up against any slander.

Not all brawn - our Henry's a thinker as well.

Rosie Reckless maintained half time tradition - toting a bag full of orange quarters to re-invigorate the team for more sketching on the sidelines.

There was even a spot of badminton; but the shuttlecock seems to have been censored!

Tawdry came in left of field and went in for a no holds barred pose.

 A special award was given out for the man sporting the Biggest Beard. Any year now that sport's going to be an Olympic one - you heard it here first!

Henry's aerobic endeavors in the second performance had our hearts aflutter!


Henry got his game face on and flashed us a winning grin.

Our Stamen with Stamina was the man of the match, but sketching was the winner on the night. September's sporting shenanigans was made possible and infinitely more prize-laden by our glorious sponsors: Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, Gordon Harris Art Supplies and our international sponsor Baby Tattoo Books.

For more photos documenting our exploits - have a look at our Facebook album!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sports Draw

Don your uniform, do your stretches, and join us for the champion of all drawing classes. Featured events include drinking, drawing, warming up, and winning gold. Heavy medal!

Mr. Henry Flower, the Stamen with Stamina, will demonstrate his athletic prowess, and pose for your racy sketches.

Hop, skip and jump to the Canterbury Bowling Club for this evening meet. Bring your drawing gear and p.e. kit. Or a signed excuse note from a parent or guardian.

Our sponsors are rucking scrumptious!
Absolution, Gordon Harris, Madam Butterfly’s Vintage Style Boutique and international Dr. Sketchy's sponsor Baby Tattoo.

7.30pm, Thursday 15 September.
Canterbury Bowling Club – 109 Salisbury Street, with entry via Gracefield Ave.
BYO drawing materials and sketchpads.
Tickets $13 plus booking fee, available online via
Cosmic Ticketing.

We would like to advise there is no photography at this event.
Document our models with drawing only.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Primordial Perving

For August's session, Dr. Arthur Wainwright and our own headmistress, Tawdry Trainwreck, took to the stage to unravel the gooey beginnings of our world and hatch a new theory of (d)evolution.

 Rosie Reckless was on hand, ready to order our art monkeys to DRAWWR! when the time arose.

 MC Hells Belle narrated the first half of the night from Dr. Wainwright's absurd thesis.

From tepid primordial soup, Dr. Wainwright emerged as Step One on the evolutionary scale: a bright eyed and yellow clad bacterium.

"..With nothing but primordial soup to eat and a three and a half billion year wait before any other creatures showed up on the  scene, bacteria were plagued by boredom."

Tawdry strutted her stuff as a sadistic clean-freak Ammonoid; the shelled level-up from bacteria.

"Ammonoids used up vast quantities of common household disinfectants, such as Dettol and spray and wipe;
literally wiping the bacteria off the face of the planet!"

High, dry and mighty; the Amphibian tended towards the smug side...

"Breaking free from its cytoplasmic membrane, the amphibian emerged from the miasmatic marsh
...and no longer had to be
perpetually soggy like its inferior and utterly aquatic cousin, the Ammonoid."

DRRRRAAWWWRRRRRRR! Tawdrisaurus-rex tottered back onto stage to terrorise and titilate.

"Unfortunately for the Amphibians; their Utopian paradise came to an abrupt and violent conclusion
when evolution brought forth the beast most savage and formidable of all. The Dinosaur!!!"

Warm, furry and loudly bleating Mammals came to the fore; putting an end to the monstrous tyranny of the Tawdrisaurus.

"Although powerful and fierce they were; dinosaurs had a fundamental flaw which would ultimately result in their extinction. Dinosaurs were clumsy and inherently uncoordinated... Mammals came on the scene in the form of the feral goat and..Although being much smaller and more benign than the formidable Dinosaur, when attacked they could quickly topple the clumsy beasts... due to their lack of coordination and stumpy arms." 

Arthur found himself somewhat peckish mid-pose.

Our model's antics were sketched into Art Monkey evolutionary history.

Tawdry: proving that the evolution of good manners happens over several aeons.
Arthur: demonstrating instinctual style and suaveness. 

 Primal expressions of interest from Tawdry Trainwreck as she discovers Arthur during her performance.

Arthur takes pose, I mean, pause to think about how far he has come in the world.

For our final pose, the audience suggested a well known Bloodhound Gang song. We suspect Tawdry watches a different channel...

This month we welcomed on board a new local sponsor, Gordon Harris Art Supplies! They came along to share a sketch and a tipple with us and even won the best dressed prize! We think they'll fit in nicely.

Our sponsors rock! Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique and Baby Tattoo Books.