Monday, October 24, 2011

Absolution: Pierce, Tattoo, Other...

We thought it was high time we shared the love that we have for one of our sponsors in particular who have helped us out and humoured Tawdry since the inception of Dr. Sketchy's Chch. 

Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing spoil our art monkeys with a voucher toward permanent inky joy or delicious body modification every sketchy session. Absolution has become somewhat of an tattoo and body mod institution in Christchurch over the years; their bright and inviting space offering a wide range of services with impeccable hygiene standards. Formerly based on Manchester St, in 'post-quake-noveau-Chch' the shop has relocated to Nancy Ave in Mairehau.

 The new haunt of the Nancy Boys (and Fi)

45 Nancy Ave, in case you get lost.

Dead Set: Dead Sexy Threads

Sharing the new location is the boutique clothing store Dead Set. Make sure to browse through the sweet threads while awaiting/organising your delicious pain session!

If it's an inking you're after; this is the place to go for well thought out, professional work - you won't find naff, over-thumbed books of clip-art-esque tattoos here!  Naith and Fiona are on hand to design and lovingly incise custom tattoos into your skin - accompanied by good humoured and/or witty banter. 

 Naith hard at work making someone permanently more beautiful and art-filled.

Hours and hours of Fiona's work adorns our own paparazzi spectacular - Paige Turner.

The studio also caters to all your usual (and unusual) piercing needs. With a list of body modifications that some might need a physiological dictionary for and an even more riveting list of 'other' options - from scarification and branding to sub dermal implants. Absolution is home to Skindependent; a human body suspension group that have been hosting suspensions, performing and otherwise educating Christchurch to the practice for a few years.

 Eden and James from Skindependent performed and modelled at our Gorelesque Dr. Sketchy's last year. 

 This year, Tawdry went up on hooks and came down after swinging around exuberantly, happily recommending getting hooked to anyone that will listen.

Absolution also periodically hosts guest artists from around the globe - look out especially for Howie's return and all the implanty, cartilage-y adventures he's sure to wreak upon those willing...

If you're interested in finding out more about our spunkiest sponsors, check out their website, find them on facebook or, if you're local, pop into the shop and say hello!

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