Friday, June 18, 2010

NYC Adventures

Well I managed to tear myself away from the awesomeness that was New York and come home to you, dear Chch Art Monkeys. I had so much fun, probably too much, in fact. Amongst eating an array of odd sounding foods and spending a large portion of my budget on beautiful lacy things that I hope everyone gets to see, I attended the official Dr Sketchy's NY Art Monkey's Ball to conduct important research and meet our esteemed founder, the lovely Molly Crabapple, and her cohorts.

I'll share just a little of the experience with you...

I wandered into the Red Lotus, a very well hidden underground bar in the heart of Brooklyn. The only sign of the shenanigans inside was a glamourously dressed lady entering a small roll-down door, her red lipstick and pencil skirt as much out of place on the street in the daytime as my cincher and heels. Upon entering we were greeted by red walls, antique silk screens and strings of lanterns lending a moody light to low tables attended by absorbed sketchers. An array of models fanned out across the room - their pose times varying from 1minute to 10minutes, with the main stage hosting the glorious Amber Ray holding longer poses.

This wasn't just any Dr Sketchy's event - this was a mammoth party and a feast for the eyes. From the aerialist Seanna Sharpe twisting and twining her way through gauzy fabric, Dame Cuchifrita in 1920's garb and strung with pearls to Bambi Galore in rainbow plumes and many other stunning and talented models gracing the venue. I basked in the glory of it all for a bit before making some sketches myself, supping absynth surrounded by like-minded sketchy feinds attempting to capture the moment of each pose... bliss.

Meeting Molly

The final pose

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