Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frilly Knicker Fundraiser

Here in Christchurch we are running themed events that are a twisted and alternative take on life drawing. Our models are sexy burlesque performers and once a month we gather to drink and to draw. We keep our ticket prices low ($10) and don't aim to make a profit.

But now, we've run up debt with the frilly knicker shop! Uh-oh! So it's time to do some fundraising.

Talented Christchurch artist Gussie Fenton has kindly donated this artwork. Gussie Fenton is known for painting strong, sexy female figures and has been inspired by the antics of Dr. Sketchy's to create a punky yet sweet character named Cupcake. Her striking colours have been created with acrylics and she measures 71 x 56cm.

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