Monday, February 7, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's February: A Day at the Seaside

A sandy seaside set set the scene for our seaside themed sketchy's in February (say that 6x fast!). We celebrated some summer lovin' by welcoming back the glorious Gracie Hart.

Sunsmart and sizzling; she shone on stage.

Our beach bombshell spots some art monkeys ahoy!

Our guest model from the far north land of Para. Roy Buoy adored Gracie from every angle.

Gracie Hart, the seaside siren who stole ours.

Our art monkeys outdid themselves this time – all sorts of naughty-cal attire surfaced!

A surprise appearance by Pammy Andieson kept Baywatch fans happy...

Pammy was pumped to pose with Gracie. Her potruding assets proving to be quite a palmful...

Wardrobe malfunctions soon put an end to any stage stealing attempts!

Breast *cough* we mean BEST dressed was awarded based on Gracie's favourite swimming style. No surprises that a cheeky breaststroke won hoots n hollers from the audience... and the coveted voucher for Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique.

Gracie tantaslises us all as she slip slop slaps into something more... sketchable...


Parasol twirling perfection.

This may not be the most efficient way of wearing sunscreen... but the abstract expressionist references combined with sunsmart sentiments had our hearts aflutter!

It was an action packed night of sketchy carousing. Roy Buoy's staying power left us all a bit deflated... but he was a bit of an airhead anyway!

A huge thanks, as always to our sponsors - Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Baby Tattoo Books.

For further seaside frolicking photos, head to our Facebook album!

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