Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gordon Harris Art Supply Adventure

The Christchurch Sketchy Girls, Tawdry and Rosie, paid a visit to our sketchiest sponsor - Gordon Harris. Purveyors of supplies for fine art, design and all kinds of creative pursuits. Their shiny new premises are nestled on Southwark St - which runs between Madras and Manchester Streets in our (battered but beloved) CBD. The bright, spacious shop is a haven for creative inspiration and a supply mecca for professionals, the general public and - today in particular - a chic designer and a scantily clad artiste!

Skipping merrily down Southwark St to pick up supplies!

We stumbled across a stack of sketch books made to suit expansive gestural strokes, spidery scrawls or delicate doodlings. They are also available in watercolour grade, to soak up any beer spills from our Sketchy shenanigans!

Tawdry nibbles on a nib and draws inspiration from above.

A brightly lit book nook filled with publications ensared resident design nerd, Rosie, to paw at their glossy pages and plot accordingly.

A rainbow hued ladder of papery perfection in different grades, weights, shapes and sizes.

Tawdry plays palette tamer for an audience of colourful characters from Faber-Castell.

Canvases to on which to create masterpieces of any scale!

What's your medium? Oils and acrylics aplenty! There are specials both instore and at their online shop

 Tawdry on the turps... Can't take her anywhere!

Despite current appearances; the staff are friendly, helpful and knowlegable.

The crew at Southwark St maintain Gordon's original vision for the business: to deliver quality products, value for money and professional, knowledgeable and friendly service. 

Come on down to grab supplies for your next sketchy escapade! There are numerous deals and special suprises instore at any given time, as well as the ever present (and great for finding presents) online shop.

Many thanks to the two Pete's and Nigel for their ongoing support and for letting the Sketchy girls come and play in the store!

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