Friday, July 16, 2010

A Visit to Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique

Today the Sketchy Girls played dress ups at our most fashion forward sponsor's shop - Madame Butterfly's. Nestled at one end of Stanmore Rd this glorious shop is a treasure trove of vintage, quirky and timelessly stylish pieces of clothing from here, there and every when. And for those of you who just want to borrow an item for a good time, Melanie also hires some of the pieces out!

Distractions galore as we hunted for sparkly, spangly items to don for the next Sketchy session

Help! Rosie's trapped in a tasselled tinselesque number. But does she really want to escape?

Tawdry wrenched it off her and twinkled around in it for a while...

Melanie shows us her many wares. Oh so much treasure it was hard to keep on track...


Taa Taa till next time!

Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique
330B Stanmore Rd

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  1. I love Madame Butterfly's - you've just reminded me I must get up there soon!