Saturday, July 24, 2010

THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE ... to draw our women!

Our second Dr Sketchy's was out of this world! Starring the delectable Gracie Hart and featuring: Robots! Aliens! Tentacles! HYPNOTIC LAZER BOOBS!

We pulled out all the stops for our b-grade retro sci-fi extravaganza. Our awesome artsy art monkey minions went so far as to construct a giant paper mache alien with tentacles galore for our stage.

But really, the night was all about boobs. And tentacles. Reckless utilised her hypnotic laser tits to broadcast Dr Sketchy's Chch live and intergalactic to an enthralled audience...

They were later used by the one and only Spacey Gracie Hart as a powerful weapon to neutralise all threats.

Art monkeys! Enthralled and in abundance on a cold and drizzly night.

Rosie made a most excellent effort with her hypnotic robo-boobs, which kept flashing all night long.

Tawdry, however, remains hypnotised by MC Hells Belle's planetoidal gazungas.

A gang of robots harangued Gracie, but she kept them at bay with a sultry batting of her eyelashes.

But soon she is in the inescapable clutches of Tenaclees, stuck posing for a b-grade movie poster... *horror!*

One of our embellishments was an invitation to add the special effects that our meagre budget couldn't supply.

The Evil Lady Pinkbits made an appearance; only to be molested by a randy space frog.

Hells hath no fury like... heeeyyy is that Mulder?

Thanks to all the enthusiastic Art Monkeys and to our astounding sponsors – Absolution, Madam Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

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