Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Punk Set Rocked!

We put the PUNK back into SPUNK with our third sketchy session. Riotous models Ruby Ruin and Princess Profanity were our rockstars of the evening. There was enough tartan, safety pins and bad attitudes to make the Queen Mother shudder.

Ruby Ruin kicked off the night with a knock out performance - in true burlesque fashion she titillated us with a reverse striptease behind a custom-made screen before launching into proper punk mode...

We loosened the crowd up by telling them to shove it in their gobs! There were some definite masterpieces, but we wonder if the people using chalk pastels enjoyed this challenge... eurrrgh, not so tasty?

Sketchys girls say "UP YOURS!"

Nothin' but trouble these punks! They soon stormed the stage to let their aggression out on our models. A four minute art monkeys brawl... in extreme slow motion...

Ruby and Princess model for our third sketchy session (another full house!).

Our models bonded over music...

Our models/rockstars played with instruments.

One art monkey incurred the wrath of our headmistress, Tawdry Trainwreck, when he came dressed a f*¢k!n hippie and insisted on drawing sunrises, rolling hills. He then had the cheek to nominate himself for best-dressed award... "Take that, hippy!"

Tawdry, ever envious of Rosie's curls tries to make her own – punk DIY ethos... what would Vivienne Westwood think?

"Taaa-daaaa!" Ruby was very happy about her breasts' sketchy debut.

Ruby Ruin is a foxy, tattooed, roller derby gal. It was her burlesque debut in front of our enthusiastic sketchy crowd. You rocked it Ruby!

A intricately crafted guitar pinata was created just for the night, only for us to smash it to pieces! How rude are we!?!
Candy and cassette guts were hurled up, all over Goodbye Blue Monday's stage.

Guitars were smashed, boobs were drawn, beer was consumed... what an epic night!

Many thanks to our dedicated art monkeys and rockin' sponsors: Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing, Madame Butterfly's Vintage Style Boutique and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

For more incriminating photographic evidence, check out our photos on the main sketchy hub, or via facebook. Please feel free to comment. We love to hear your feedback and it helps to impress our international headmistress - Molly Crabapple.

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